unblock yodel plus code

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UUiD code for temporary and final unblocking of yodels

  1. Read the full instructions
  2. You must have a pre-subscription to one of the packages Plus basic applications orPremium VIP or ย Lite VIP
  3. Download the yodel Jodel T app
  4. The ban can be unblocked via glibrek
  5. There is no guarantee on blocking, follow the instructions so that you will not be blocked
  6. If you are blocked again, you have to buy the Unblock code again
  7. The amount cannot be refunded after completing the payment process because the product is digital
  8. After the purchase you will receive the UUiD code on the email as well as SMS text message
  9. Download the yodel Jodel T app
  10. Completing the purchase means that you have read and agreed to All of the above
  11. Note: the code is only for one device and you cannot transfer the subscription from one device to another device.To inquireย https://wa.me/966126582733

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